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Spinach and sweet potato salad

11 potato salads that will transform your next braai

Preheat oven to 180°C.In an oven safe roasting tray, arrange the sweet potato and drizzle with olive oil. Season and roast in the oven until soft.In a salad bowl, add the cut spinach, or sautéed spinach if you want to serve it warm, roasted sweet potatoes and sprouts.Serve with mustard mayo.Recipe reprinted with permission of...

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Stuffed calamari

Stuffed calamari

Place the calamari tubes on a board.For the stuffing: Mix all the ingredients together (make sure you season well).Pack the stuffing into the calamari tubes and secure each with a toothpick that’s been soaked in water.Cook over medium coals until browned on both sides.To serve: Serve calamari with extra lemon wedges.Servings 4.Reprinted with the permission...

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