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Tangy BBQ marshmallows

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This tangy BBQ beef and lamb broth “braaimallows” recipe is the new and best way to baste ribs, chops, steak or chicken, on the braai (or in the oven) without loosing half of the basting in the fire or pan! They are packed with collagen which lets the marshmallows keeps its shape at room temperature, but melts and renders slowly into meat when heated.


Lamb and chicken broth

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Mild in flavour, but packed with collagen! Not only can it be added to soups, sauces, stews, pasta and risotto to up the protein content, but this lamb and chicken broth will also surprise you with its variety of innovative uses and superpowers!


Collagen cocktails

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If you can have collagen in your coffee you can also have it with your gin or mimosas right? Nobody will ever believe you when you tell them these gin cocktail recipes contains lamb broth!


Lamb broth with citrus

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This lamb broth with citrus is full of flavour and functionality. The collagen in this slow cooked broth gives it all kinds of super powers and with it’s zesty flavour it can be used to add collagen to a variety of desserts. Try these Gin cocktails with collagen jellies made with this zesty lamb broth.


Gourmet lamb pizza

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Although the slow cooked juicy lamb shoulder topped with sticky sauce and mint pesto is enough to make this gourmet lamb pizza a new household favourite, it is the simple and easy collagen packed pizza base made with lamb broth that will soon become your go-to pizza base recipe!


Pure lamb broth

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This pure lamb broth is full of flavour and functionality. The collagen in this slow cooked broth gives it all kinds of super powers and it can be added to soups and stews, or even be used in pastries and dough to increase the collagen content of it. 

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