Slip Slops Kitchen Bar Greenside

If you're looking for a beach atmosphere combined with great food and wine in the heart of Joburg Slip Slops Kitchen Bar Greenside is the place for you.


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Today's Easy Weekday Meal

Spicy mince kebabs
You can use boerewors for these juicy kebabs.
Prep time:  10 min
Cooking time:  10 min
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I Love My Laundry Buitenkant (Cape Town)
I Love My Laundry, on Buitenkant in Cape Town, is a dim sum restaurant, vintage store and more.
Fred & Max Eatery Somerset West
A sexy eatery in Somerset West that sells food, apparel and furniture.

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Blueberry cheese cake ice cream
Blueberry cheese cake turned into a decadent ice cream.
Pork braised in cider and spices
A delicious warm and comforting pork recipe perfect for winter.

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Juliet is a baker from the heart and has an astounding enthusiam for all things 'cake'. She will help you with all your flops and drops.

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The Odyssey Monday burger specials continue. more

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5 minute summer slushies
Pink lemonade slushies ready in 5 minutes.

Pistachio dukkah
A spice mix originating from Egypt.

Bacon and feta stuffed chilli poppers
Hot bites with a cream cheese dressing.


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