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Recipes that even kids can make

Making meals with your children teaches them more than just cooking.

26 Sep 2016

Have you ever watched reality cooking shows like Junior MasterChef, Man vs Child or Kids Baking Championship? It’s quite incredible what an 11 year old can cook! I mean braised beef cheek ravioli with puréed asparagus and fennel gratin?! Hell's bells. These kids mean business.

As much as it astonishes and impresses me, I am also thrilled that children cooking food from scratch is being highlighted and celebrated. We’ve written about teaching your child about food before and how important it is for them to be well-informed about nutritional choices – especially with the rise of life-threatening diseases like diabetes.

Now, we don’t all have mini Mario Batali's running around but it’s still fun to get the young ones in the kitchen and let THEM do the cooking for a change! There are so many things they can learn in the process like:

- Developing an appreciation and respect for real ingredients.
- Increasing their maths skills – by following a recipe and learning the measurements.
- Acknowledging that putting a meal on the table takes work and effort – which results in a sense of gratitude towards    whoever usually does the cooking.
- Learning about safety in the kitchen where potential dangers like sharp knives, high heat and slippery surfaces are plenty.
- The value of preparation (peeling, skinning, boiling water, greasing cake tins).
- Patience (that cake won’t cook in 5 seconds!).

We’ve rounded up a few fun child-friendly recipes that will make your little one want to ditch the iPad and get cooking in kitchen! Remember though – there should always be an adult supervising at all times!

1. Rooibos tea and ricotta mousse

recipes, kids, easy, cooking, food24, round-up

2. Rosemary and goat’s cheese muffins

recipes, kids, easy, cooking, food24, round-up

3. No-bake energy balls 

4. Easy beef enchiladas

5. Banana, honey and apple smoothie

6. 5-minute chocolate mug cake

7. Quick and easy fold-over omelettes

recipes, easy, cooking, kids, food24, round-up

8. Vanilla custard slices

recipes, easy, cooking, kids, food24, round-up

9. Ham and cheese French toast

10. Date and nut truffles

11. Chicken and cheese quesadillas

12. Tortilla pizzas

recipes, easy, cooking, kids, food24, round-up

13. Tuna fishcakes

14. Cottage pie pots

15. Strawberry milkshakes

recipes, easy, cooking, kids, food24, round-up

16. Mince on toast

17. Zesty lemon fish fingers

18. Fish pot pie

recipes, easy, cooking, kids, food24, round-up

19. Simple pancakes

20. Mini meatballs

So get those aprons on, and get busy having some family fun in the kitchen!

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