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#BakewithFood24 through lockdown: great baking recipes to try at home

by: Katy Rose | 27 Mar 2020
21 baking recipes to try at home

Across the world, #Isolationbaking is trending on social media platforms. Stuck at home with some time on their hands, people in many countries are rediscovering (or learning for the first time!) their love of baking. 

Every day, the team at Food24 will bring you a new baking recipe to try at home. Sometimes sweet, sometimes savoury, but always delicious! Share your pictures with us on Instagram and Facebook using #BakewithFood24. We’ll also be hosting some of our favourite chefs to give us tips and advice, as well as to share some exciting new recipes! 

And if baking isn’t your thing, you can find some great recipes to cook at home in our Isolation Cooking section.

...New recipe coming tomorrow...

Day 43: Sheet pan pancakes

Day 42: Oreo cheesecake

Day 41: Gluten-free chocolate chickpea brownies

Day 40: Carrot cake flapjacks

Day 39: Blueberry and semolina tea loaf

Day 38: Custard cake with salted caramel

Day 37: S’mores layer cake

Day 36: Coconut loaf cake

Day 35: Milo-glazed doughnuts with crunchy Cornflake topping

Day 34: Blueberry muffins

Day 33: Banana pancakes with espresso chocolate sauce

Day 32: Cheesecake swirl brownies

Day 31: Lemon yoghurt cake

Day 30: Warm choc-chip cookie with peanut-butter ice-cream

Day 29: Fudgy chocolate banana bread

Day 28: Chocolate cheesecake with meringue topping

Day 27: Milo chunk cookies

Day 26: Coffee cake with caramel popcorn

Coffee cake with caramel popcorn

Day 25: The ultimate chocolate cake

The ultimate chocolate cake

Day 24: Bread pudding with apple and cinnamon

Day 23: Olive oil espresso choc chip cookies

Day 22: Sago pudding with meringue

Sago pudding with meringue (PHOTO: Drum)

Day 21: Red velvet beetroot cupcakes

Day 20: Salted peanut butter oat cookies

salted peanut butter cookies

Day 19: Caramel milk tart

Day 18: Chocolate cheesecake with meringue topping

recipe, cheesecake, chocolate, meringue,dessert

Day 17: Dark chocolate cupcakes

Day 16: Rolo millionaire brownies

rolo millionaire brownie recipe south africa

Day 15: Gin and coconut granadilla curd cake

freshly baked gin cake

Day 14: Berry and white chocolate cheesecake crumb bars

freshly baked breakfast bars with berries

Day 13: Lemon and vanilla cupcakes

Day 12: Cranberry, seed and oat crunchies

crunchies recipes

Day 11: Gluten-free vegan banana bread

Day 10: Buttermilk and cheese corn bread

freshly baked cornbread

Day 9: Traditional hot cross buns

milk stout hot cross bun recipe

Day 8. Mini Marmite, cheese and corn quiches

Day 7: Popcorn choc-chip cookies 

popcorn choc chip cookie recipe

Day 6. How to make cheat's cinnamon rolls

Day 5. Classic banana bread

freshly baked banana bread sliced

Day 4. Coffee and Cremora tart topped with orange slices

Coffee and cremora tart topped with orange slices

Day 3. The ultimate carrot cake

slice of freshly baked carrot cake

Day 2. Carrot and cranberry breakfast muffin 

breakfast muffin

Day 1. Milo cake with condensed milk icing

freshly baked cake

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