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20 of the most impressive baking recipes to try this weekend

Glorious cakes, quick baking hacks, savoury options and more!

23 Aug 2019

Tired of the hearing that saying, ‘baking is a science’? I find it often puts many people off. And now baking has become more popular than ever before, with new-age techniques and ingredients that introduce a breath of fresh air to the sometimes old-school perception that baking is done by old ladies who sells rusks at the local tuisnywerheid.

Just take The Kate Tin as an example. A vibrant pastry chef and baker who has a flair for injecting elements of fun and celebration into the baking realm. Listen to our interview with her. Also, do yourself a favour and check out Sweet Lion Heart Instagram feed for out-of-this-world baking inspiration!

Has the baking bug bitten yet? If not – try some of our “best of baking” recipes to get you into the spirit!

Quick and easy baking hacks

1. 2-ingredient chocolate cake


2. Magic 3-ingredient scones

3. Food processor carrot cake

4. Bar One 'sausage rolls'

5. Easy apple tart


6. Pantone cloud cake

7. Dark chocolate and coconut ganache cake 

8. Cognac apple cake

9. Delectable meringue layer cake

10. Salted caramel coma cake


Individual bites

11. Salted pretzel brownies with toffee-caramel sauce

12. Maple bacon cupcakes

13. Mini blueberry and ricotta cakes (low carb)

14. Homemade low carb Oreo cookies

15. Rolo millionaire brownies



16. Easy biltong bread

17. Sausage breakfast cake

18. 10-minute cheese and herb rolls

19. Cheese, spinach and bacon bread bake

20. Nutty courgette loaf (low carb)


Click HERE for even more baking recipes. It's time to preheat those ovens!


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