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7 Braai snacks that aren't a packet of chips

Whet your appetite with a few nibbles while you wait for the fire to burn down.

by: Tessa Purdon | 15 Feb 2019
group of friends eating outdoors

Planning a braai this weekend? While you may be dreaming of that gorgeous piece of steak you're going to marinate or the chops you've just picked up from the butcher, have you given any thought to the pre-braai eats that your guests will inevitably be seeking out?

It's fine to have a packet of the same old Lays crisps but maybe it's time to up-level your snack game this year. Make a bit of an effort, you know?  Food24 to the rescue...

We've rounded up a few of our favourite recipes for some snackspiration.  

1. Coconut and Parmesan crumbed mushrooms - these are moreish and deliciously crispy. Plus - they're perfect for any Banters on your gest list.

2. Baked biltong squares  - because... biltong! 

biltong snacks recipe

3. Caprese salad skewers  - Vegetarian finger food is always a winner. 

caprese salad skewers

4. Low carb savoury biscuits  - Another Banter's delight. These little bites are served with a tomato crème fraiche dip. 

low carb biscuits recipe

5. Mieliepap dhaltjies  - The effort of deep-frying these little morsels is totally worth it. In fact - make a double batch! 

mieliepap dhaltjies recipe

6. Parmesan crusted courgette chips - A nutritious mouthful never hurt anyone.

courgette chips recipe

7. Beetroot dip with salt and pepper seed crackers - Aesthetically speaking, this just takes the cake so be sure to have your phone nearby to take a shot for Insty. 

beetroot dip with crackers recipe

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