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8 recipes you never imagined you could cook on the Weber

There's more to your Weber than meets the eye!

28 Sep 2015

Last week we celebrated Heritage Day - the unofficial opening of Braai Season! Yip, Summer is a-coming and we are here to get you braai fit and ready!

Have a Weber at home? If you haven't already dusted off the Winter cobwebs, do so right this minute. There's no time to lose! You've probably mastered a beef fillet on the Weber or even a beer can chicken. Delish. But we want to share a few unconventional Weber recipes that will impress your friends and family like nothing else.

1. Pizza - who says you need a pizza oven?

2. Chicken, ham and leek pie - crispy, crusty puff pastry.

3. Potato salad - the classic braai side dish.

4. Fried eggs - breakfast braais are the best!

5. Fougasse bread - a  French flatbread that's studded with olives and thyme.

6. Doughnut S'mores - these are next-level American campfire treats.

7. Berry and apple oatmeal - healthy bowls of goodness. No electricity needed.

8. Banana bread - with rum soaked saltanas.

Happy times with your Weber!



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