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#IsolationBaking: Why it’s a trending hashtag and how you can get in on the action

Find solace in mixing, folding and whisking.

by: Tessa Purdon | 24 Mar 2020
woman rolling dough on counter

At times of crisis, it seems to be a trait of human nature to seek out the things that spark small moments of joy: a call from a faraway loved one, a cuddle from a kitten, or simply a bite from a homemade cupcake. 

Psychological research suggests that the act of baking offers therapeutic attributes – perhaps because it has no real point other than to be delicious and enjoyed, both by yourself and others. And while the final product is what we all look forward to, the process also seems to distract us from the stresses and significant weight of existential worry and anxiety – especially in times of uncertainty. 

Baking is both a form of self-care and a symbol of affection for those you hold dear. It’s “making real the warm thoughts you have for others,” says Henry Dawson in a column he wrote for Bon Appetit called, ‘I Didn't Know How to Tell My Guy Friends I Cared, So I Learned to Bake’.

Food24 is filled with a plethora of jaw-droppingly delicious baking recipes, but these are the ones we’ve picked that we hope will offer you a sense of comfort during these tumultuous and unstable times ahead. 

Classic vanilla cupcakes

vanilla cupcakes

Double chocolate Milo cookies 

chocolate milo cookies

Date and pecan nut Bundt cake with butterscotch sauce

spiced date bundt cake recipe

Hot cross bun bread 

hot cross bun bread recipe

Chocolate eclairs 

chocolate eclairs recipe

Malva pudding rusks 

malva pudding rusks

Glazed doughnuts

pink glazed donuts

Tahini choc chip banana bread

tahini choc chip banana bread recipe

Peppermint Crisp and caramel pavlova

peppermint crisp and caramel pavlova recipe

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