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7 Easy-to-eat treats for your next office celebration

Looking for the perfect take-to-work tasty tidbit?

22 Jan 2019
donuts and coffee

Whether you're welcoming a new colleague, celebrating a birthday, a newborn baby, or the signing of a big deal... there's nothing that says, "hooray" quite like something edible and sweet.  

Office spaces though are not always the most practical places to eat.The kitchen might be, well.. non-existent or you could be stuck with a situation of no plates. Eek. So with that said, we've come up with 7 recipes that might make your next get-together a bit more manageable on all fronts - especially when it comes to ease of eating.  

Who's in?

1. Gluten-free chocolate brownies - who doesn't love a brownie?! And gluten-free is basically code for "guilt-free" right?

gluten-free chocolate brownie recipe

2. Salted caramel thumbprint cookies - These can be made in advance and stored in an airtight container for up to 3 days, which is great if you have a busy week.

salted caramel thumbprint cookie recipe

3. Berry and white chocolate cheesecake crumb bars - there are a few stages to this recipe but if you have a food processor, you'r A for away!

berry white chocolate cheesecake bars

4. No-bake Nutella squares - enough said. 

nutella chocolate squares recipe

5. Whiskey ganache cupcakes - If you love a boozy bake, then these are up your street. (And no, you won't get drunk on them). 

whiskey and ganache cupcake recipe

6. Peanut butter, caramel and chocolate tart -  You're guaranteed that every crumb will be eaten.

peanut butter caramel chocolate tart recipe

7. Rainbow doughnuts - these come with a bit of hard work attached, but it will all be worth it. Promise!

doughnut recipe


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