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5 Genius and delicious ways to use your leftover Christmas gammon

Looking for something to do with all those meaty bits of salty gammon?

26 Dec 2019

It's not unusual to over-cater for a festive feast. We're all terrified of running out of food, right? Especially when your cousin's 17-year-old rugby playing son is known to go back for thirds and even fourths. 

Leftovers (aka 'bestovers') are the business - provided that you don't keep for longer than a few days. One of the greatest Christmas bestover dishes is definitely gammon. We've gathered a few of our beloved gammon recipes where you can put any surplus to delicious use! 

Have a look and pick your favourite!

1. Sweet chilli and gammon kebabs

2. Gammon buns

3. Gammon club sandwich

4. Gammon and Cheddar omelette

5. Gammon croissant bake


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