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These 10 dishes with tomatoes will make you wish it was Summer all year round

Tomato: the luscious vegetable starring as the base for many sauces, salads and the quintessential ingredient to a perfectly toasted cheese sandwich.

by: Robyn Brittow | 07 Mar 2019
10 Tantalising tomato recipes to brighten up your


Earlier this week, Food24 writer, Katy Rose provided you with the answer to the great debate:  “Is the tomato a fruit or vegetable?” Spoiler alert: it’s a vegetable. We hardly ever see it cubed in a fruit salad right?

I've rounded up our 10 most delicious tomato-laden recipes if you needed further convincing to add this delicious veggie to your meals.

Breads and tarts

If you’re short on ingredients and left with only tomatoes in your fridge, a great way to make use of them is to add them to flatbreads, focaccias and savoury tarts.

Ricotta and tomato flatbread with sumac and herb oil

Ricotta and tomato flatbread

Tomato tart with roast garlic

Asparagus and tomato tart

Sauces and soups

What would a chakalaka or sundried tomato pesto be without the vibrant veg? Give these recipes a try and you won’t be sorry.

Sundried tomato pesto

Tomato soup with grilled Swiss mac and cheese dippers



Finishing touches

You can never go wrong by topping a meal with roasted tomatoes on the vine. Apart from being picture-perfect, they provide bursting flavours to the first bite that will leave you wanting more.

Try this tip with our recipe for a Low carb savoury ricotta chilli and tomato cheesecake.

tomato cheesecake

Star of the show

Tomato has been the forefront of many dishes, being enjoyed in all its glory in a Caprese salad or your mother’s comforting recipe for homemade tomato bredie. These delicious recipes showcase just how versatile this vegetable can be.

Tomato with buffalo mozzarella and balsamic vinegar

Bertus Basson’s tomato bredie samoosas

Tomato bredie samoosas

Roast tomatoes lentils and dukkah crusted eggs


Perfect Bloody Mary

Spicy cocktails that are great for a morning lift.


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