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6 Ways with an SA staple - chakalaka

The spicy South African relish is great in a variety of dishes.

04 May 2019
South African Recipes, #MyHeritage,chakalaka, reci

Chakalaka is a South African relish made from vegetables (mainly tomatoes) onions, a mixture of spices, garlic and beans.

This spicy accompaniment originates from township cuisine and many shisa nyama lounges serve it with meat. It can also be enjoyed with pap, mash potatoes, boerewors and many other dishes. Due to its deliciously spicy, flavour-packed taste, it can also be used to add some 'voema' to a variety of dishes from stews to salads.  It's SA's own go-to condiment that tastes good with...anything!

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So, when your rice dish or stew is looking a bit dull and needs that kick, add some chakalaka!

1. Chakalaka shakshuka

South African Recipes, #MyHeritage,chakalaka, reci

2. Chakalaka marinated roast chicken

South African Recipes, #MyHeritage,chakalaka, reci

3. Chakalaka lamb enchiladas

South African Recipes, #MyHeritage,chakalaka, reci

4. Chakalaka frittata

5. Boerewors, chakalaka and Mascarpone pizza

South African Recipes, #MyHeritage,chakalaka, reci

6. Scrumptious chakalaka bread

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