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Your Weekend Feast: 17 November 2017

Order in? Theses recipes will have you thinking otherwise!

17 Nov 2017

The weather has definitely changed and it doesn't seem like the season is being kind to us anymore. But worry not, we've got a few warming meals for you that don't require you to leave your house. Snuggle up, grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and take some notes. 

For your breakfast, how does this chorizo and potato frittata sound? The dish has an egg custard that contains cheese and cream. It's definitely filling and is good for family gatherings. Everyone can have a bite.

Lunch time will come around and your stomach will be growling, but don't worry, we have a meal for you. Hearty classic beef burgers with monkey gland sauce are great to satisfy your cravings.

Feeling thirsty? Try an apple lemon and ginger spritzer. It's refreshing and makes a good side with your food. 

For dinner, how about a carb-free mushroom pizza. It's more of a mushroom with pizza toppings. Great for vegetarians and those who prefer low-carb meals.

Mince curry with poppadums is another good dinner idea for those who prefer having a full-on meaty meal. It is also good for leftovers the next day.

Another dinner and leftover idea is this sticky chicken with chakalaka and pap. For those with a craving for local food, this is the one for you.

This chocolate fondant will be the highlight of your weekend, and to avoid them flopping, find out how to make the perfect one HERE

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