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WATCH: Are Millennials to blame for tinned tuna's doom?

How many Millennials do you know that can open a can of tuna?

by: Robyn Brittow | 10 Jan 2019
Are millennials killing canned tuna

(image: Unsplash)

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Opting for fresher foods and pushing for more sustainable farming practices, Millennials seem to be the scapegoat for most dying trends from fashion to food and the latest thing they're being blamed for is the decrease of tinned tuna consumption.

According to CNBC, canned tuna consumption has dropped by 42% in the last three decades and American brand, Starkist which is known for their tuna creations, has stated that many Millennials don't even own can openers.

TV host and comedian, Jimmy Kimmel, took to America's streets and tested Starkist's statement. The results are hilarious - yet troubling. Have we really moved away from can openers?


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