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3 Easy and delicious things you can make with a can of tuna

How many of us have cans of tuna gathering dust at the back of our pantry cupboards?

01 Feb 2018

We all know that canned tuna is one of the easiest things to cook with – purely because it only takes a few seconds to pop open the container. It’s usually pretty inexpensive , packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids but even though this fish is a great source of protein, it’s not recommended to eat canned tuna more than twice a week.

Why? One of the main concerns is the presence of mercury in tuna. Pollution causes mercury to be released into the air, and as it sadly builds up in the ocean, big fish like tuna absorb it. All we’re saying is… don’t over-do it!

Do you have a can in your store cupboard and don’t know what to do with it? Check out these 3 easy peasy recipes!

1. Tuna quesadilla with cheddar

2. Tuna and courgette sweet potato pocket

3. Creamy tuna and spinach stuffed pasta

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