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Why savoury biscuits are underrated and how to make your own

Tired of the same assorted crackers you get in a box? Be the envy of the party with these 6 flavoursome recipes to make your own.

by: Robyn Brittow | 29 Mar 2019
How to make your own savoury crackers

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Crackers are great to have on hand for a quick afternoon snack topped with a slice of cheese or smoked mussels and an impressive addition to any cheeseboard.

The benefits of baking your own savoury biscuits:

1. You can decide the variety of biscuits to serve on your cheeseboard that will best compliment the cheese and condiments you've chosen, not being limited to what a box of store-bought crackers has to offer.

2. You can freeze the biscuit batters and bake them off as your guests arrive. Serving fresh warm crackers is indeed impressive, not to mention the lovely aromas that will fill your home.

3. If you're short on time, bake a big batch ahead of time to have on hand when needed, which is great for meal prepping your lunch and snacks for the week ahead.

Tip: If you have a herb garden don't forget to pick some fresh herbs and add them to your biscuits for an extra hint of flavour.

Salt and pepper seed crackers  

Flavoursome and fabulous, prepare a batch of these cheesy seed crackers for a crunchy treat that pair well with dips and spreads.

seed crackers

Low carb crackers 

With only 3 ingredients, these quick and easy to make low carb crackers are perfect for snacking as is and a great addition to your lunchbox.

Low carb savoury crackers

Low carb savoury biscuits 

Another low carb option! These biscuits are lovely for packing in picnic baskets or toserve as croutons in salads and soups.

LCHF savoury crackers

Gluten-free cheese straws

A wonderful gluten-free option that takes less than 15 minutes to bake.

gluten free cheesestraws

Bagel crisps 

Beautiful bagel crisps are wonderful for using up any leftover bagels and add an exciting contrast of shapes to your cheese plate.

Bagel crisps

Cheese and rosemary savoury star cookies

Bake these fun star-shaped cheese and rosemary cookies that are amazing enjoyed as is, and great for baking with kids.

cheese and rosemary star cookies


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