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15 Recipe ideas for the ultimate Mother's Day brunch

From savoury egg muffins to almond croissants, peanut butter bars and heart-shaped French toast!

09 May 2019
mother's day

If you've only cottoned on this week that it's Mother's Day on Sunday and have failed to get a last-minute restaurant reservation (advance planning is really key when it comes to this sort of thing), don't fret because even though going out for a celebratory meal might seem more convenient, we're pretty sure that most moms would rather enjoy food that's been cooked at home with all the love and care that only a son or daughter can pull off.

Spoil your mom on Sunday by creating a beautiful brunch table with her favourite breakfast foods, and if you want to totally surprise her with something a little different - take a look at some of the dishes below (we've also included some Banting-friendly options if she's living the low carb life).

20 of the most impressive baking recipes to try this weekend

Bacon and egg breakfast pie

Breakfast cheesecake

Mini chocolate and almond croissants

Banana, strawberry and bacon French toast skewers

Cheesy vegetable waffles

Banana pecan crumpets

Cinnamon spiced pumpkin muffins with walnut crumble

Heart-shaped French toast with cinnamon sugar

Homemade cinnamon buns

Peanut butter and caramel-toffee chocolate bars

Low carb ideas

Baked zucchini fritters with whipped goats cheese and pickled blueberries

Mini blueberry and ricotta cakes

Cream cheese pancakes

The best egg and bacon “muffins”

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