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Ramadan Mubarak: What a day during this month-long fast looks like

During Ramadan this is what our fellow Muslims eat and drink.

31 May 2018
Ramadan holiday table

(Image: iStock)

We are halfway through the month of Ramadan, the religious practice that Muslims around the world take part in every year. During this month-long period Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

We asked some of our Muslim colleagues here at a bit more about Ramadan and they filled us in on all the essential details.

The importance of this month is the idea that through the self-control of fasting one can pay special attention to his/her spiritual life.

Muslims are encouraged to eat before sunrise. This meal is called Suhoor and it means exactly that - “pre-dawn meal”. To prepare for the fasting day ahead, Muslims will eat a healthy meal consisting of cereal, toast, fruit, or a delicious smoothie like this strawberry and banana smoothie bowl, as well as tea or water.

freshly made smoothie bowl

During the course of the day they are not allowed to consume anything (yes, no water or food for a full 12 hours!). This depends on each country's time-zone, some countries might fast for longer or shorter hours.

Many Muslims choose to break their fast with water and dates - and then a soup usually follows such as this warm and spicy Moroccan harira soup.

a bowl of moroccan soup

Or something else savoury and perhaps a bit lighter.

For dinner, pastas are commonly on the menu - like this chicken pasta as it's filling and delicious and contains lots of carbohydrates - exactly what a hungry tummy needs after a long day without food.

a warm bowl of chicken pasta

A well-done steak with veggies or fried chicken with salads are some of the other options to pick from.

freshly grilled steaks with a vegetable side

Who doesn't love a late night snack? For late night snacking, Muslim’s either dig into the box of treats their neighbours have sent to their house, or enjoy their own homemade goodies- snack time is usually filled with donuts, mini cakes, or pancakes.

freshly fried pancakes topped with strawberries

To all our Muslim readers we wish you a blessed Ramadan.


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