6 things not to cook for a first date

Spinach in your teeth, hot chilli sweats and other first date no-no's.

by: Tracey Hadfield | 03 Jul 2012
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I think there’s nothing sexier than a man who knows his way around a kitchen.

An invitation to a new flame’s place for a home cooked meal will have me raiding the lingerie drawer in a second.

But cooking for a fresh date can also go horribly wrong – I won’t be quivering in anticipation when they’ve got a face full of spaghetti sauce, or a wodge of spinach stuck between their pearly whites.

So how do you avoid the potential pitfalls and choose a menu that’ll wow the pants off your hot new date?

Here are a few no-no’s that you should avoid.

Spaghetti slurp-fest

Most people love a good pasta. It’s actually quite hard to mess up.

Perfect, right? Just don’t serve it with spaghetti or linguini. Why? That twirl-it-on-a-spoon business is quite hard unless you’re at least 50% Italian and you could end up with messy sauce-face.

Not so sexy.

Try this penne Alfredo, it rocks and is super easy.

Too hot to handle

Chilli is an aphrodisiac – it gets the blood flowing, increasing sensitivity, and releases endorphins that put a rosy glow on our emotions. Great stuff right?

Nothing wrong with a bit of a glow, but when it threatens to turn into spontaneous combustion, you’ve gone too far. No one is going to want to get their freak on while their eyes are tearing, nose streaming and new sweater wet beneath the pits.


Try this fragrant butter chicken recipe, it’s a winner.

Tough love

A really good steak can be just the thing for a romantic date. A little bit of red meat can really get the juices going. But tender is the only way to go.

There is nothing worse than chewing your way through a chunk of rubber while trying to have a bit of a chat. And come on guys, a sore jaw is not ideal now is it?

Wide load

Speaking of jaws, there is a limit to how wide we can open ours, so if you’re going to get clever and do some finger-food (which can be über-sexy, just so you know), make sure bite size is based on our bite, not yours.

The puffy-cheeked chipmunk look is so last season.

Try this salmon board or these smoky garlic prawns for some inspiration.

Sharing is caring

If your menu features garlic or raw onions you’d be wise to pay attention as to what passes the lips of your object of affection.

If I ditch the onion, for the love of strawberries, do the same.

The last thing you want (true story) is to sidle up next to your hottie after dessert and whisper sweet nothings and onion breath… they’ll be out the door before you can say breath mint!

If you can manage to avoid these rookie mistakes, home-cooked date night is guaranteed to bump you up a place or two in my estimation. And if all else fails, just make sure you have plenty of wine.

What are the worst mistakes you’ve made, cooking for someone you’ve dated? Or have you suffered on the receiving end of a culinary nightmare date? Tell us your stories below!




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