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4 Incredible low carb side dishes for your braai

Forget about garlic bread and potato salad!

by: Tessa Purdon | 08 Sep 2019

Banters, we've got your back! Braaing this Summer doesn't have to be a meat-only affair sans potato salad, cheesy garlic bread or braaibroodjies! How boring.

We've collected 4 incredible side dish options that are totally low-carb and delicious to boot!

1. Cheesy LCHF flaxseed and cauliflower bread
A really easy bread option that is perfect for Braai Day! It is wonderfully moist and tender while the flaxseeds and cauliflower adds a subtle bit of texture that really reminds me of traditional mealie bread. It could be made in a cast iron pan but a cake tin works just as well.

2. Baked bacon and spinach-stuffed blooming onions
Baked onions make for a wonderful side dish to braai meats. When baking them they go soft and tender and surprisingly sweet. They can be stuffed with a variety of savoury fillings like chorizo, ricotta, mushrooms, olives and sundried tomatoes.

3. Hasselback courgettes with tomato salsa
Hasselback potatoes are to die for but clearly not meant for LCHF followers. Luckily courgettes don’t mind taking their place! They are so much healthier than those well-loved spuds and they save you plenty of carbs and cooking time. They can be flavoured with a variety of pestos, tapenades or spice rubs.

4. Spicy baked green beans with grilled halloumi and basil
Who knew green beans could be baked! When flavoured and kept whole they go quite crispy in the oven. They’re so good you could almost eat them as green bean chips. When combined with cheese, fresh herbs and nuts they make for an interesting low carb salad packed with flavour and crunch.

All recipes created for Food24 by food stylist and photographer, Illanique van Aswegen.



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