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8 Seafood dishes to wow your guests this Christmas

Our daily countdown of fantastic recipes to cook this festive season. Today we share 8 seafood recipes.

17 Dec 2018
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Summertime at the coast is a wonderful time of the year. Swimming at the beach, ice cream cones and of course, lots of seafood meals shared with friends. We’ve rounded up 8 of our favourite hot and cold seafood dishes - ideal for lazy lunches or even glam dinner parties! 

1. Salmon mousse timbales

With the help of a handy muffin tray, you can easily make these smoked salmon parcels filled with a light and creamy salmon mousse. They’re the perfect make-ahead starter course for Boxing Day lunch or even a picnic under the trees. Serve with crackers and a cold glass of wine! 

festive cooking,festive season 2018,cooking tips,

2. Low carb shrimp toast 

These tasty toasts are excellent canapes at your New Years Eve cocktail party. Easy, tasty finger foods that are light on carbs! 

festive cooking,festive season 2018,cooking tips,

3. Summer fish Caprese salad

We love this summery salad with snoek, served with lots of olive oil and a side of fresh bread. The fresh basil adds a great flavour, and who doesn’t love fresh Mozzarella? 

4. Low carb trout "sushi"

This was one of our best recipes of the year - because it is so delicious and so easy! It’s a great recipe if you want to get the kids involved in the kitchen, and the results are so impressive! 

trout sushi

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5. Smoked salmon trout with lemongrass mayonnaise 

This impressive salad will have your guests oooh-ing over your kitchen skills. Serve with ice cold sparkling wine, as you celebrate the long Summer evenings on the patio. 

festive cooking,festive season 2018,cooking tips,

6. Ginger, soy and lime baked fish

Pick up some fresh fish (or catch your own!) for this Asian inspired baked fish dish. This is a great recipe for family style dining! 

festive cooking,festive season 2018,cooking tips,

7. Herby trout with almond crust

A gluten-free crumbed fish recipe; this one is packed with textures and flavours. Squeeze some fresh lemon to finish, and impress the family with this delicious main course. 

festive cooking,festive season 2018,cooking tips,

8. Paella

The one pan meal that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. We love paella for its versatility, heartiness and the fun of eating seafood with your hands. A great main course for a dinner party, served with a wooded Chardonnay for an all round 10 out of 10 meal!

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