Your 10 most popular recipes from Food24 this week

Comforting food all the way including gluten-free brownie S'mores, Banting burgers and cheesy Marmite scones.

by: Food24 | 09 Sep 2016
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Comfort food is singing throughout the list this week starting things off with Marmite cheese scones from Bibby's Kitchen. These are one of a kind scones, brushed with Marmite and mixed, before baking, with mature Cheddar. Have you seen the other recipes from our updated baking section?

Dianne Bibby fetures lower down on the list with her gluten-free brownie S'mores, made with black bean. These are great becasue you can make them sugar-free as well by using xylitol. The soft chocolate centre will sort out any sweet cravings you might have had, and with zero guilt.

And for indulgence with all the sugar, look no further than Cupcakes and Couscous's ultimate chocolate cake as well as the easiest sweet treat ever, Peppermint Crisp Marshmallow squares. These are done in a microwave and literally can take you 5 minutes, with only 3 ingredients - click the recipe link below to watch the video.

For dinner ideas see Heinstirred's crumped pork with apple sage and lower down the banting burgers.

1. Marmite and cheese scones


2. Crumbed pork with apple sage mash


3. Banting burgers with feta

4. Peppermint crisp marshmallow squares

5. Spicy baked eggs with oat flapjacks

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6. Tortellini with creamy pea and spinach sauce

7. Gluten-free black bean brownie s'mores

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8. Chicken with tomato and olive salsa

9. The ultimate chocolate cake

10. Rich and creamy Parmesan bake

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