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The takeaway bowl you can actually eat

Edible bowls are here - the ultimate tasty green solution to reducing plastic waste.

by: Katy Rose | 29 Aug 2018

(image: Jo Sonn on Unsplash)

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A Cape Town company Munch Bowls, have developed an edible biscuit bowl that replaces the more common plastic or polystyrene takeaway containers. The bowls are made from stone ground, unbleached flour and contain no artificial flavours or preservatives. They are suitable for serving salads, pastas and other hot meals - and can even hold hot liquids for up to 5 hours! 

munch bowls

We spoke with Munch Bowls Director and Founder, Georgina de Kock to find out more about the bowl that you can eat. She said, “The idea of edible food packaging is not a new idea. We have been eating ice cream cones for generations, and so it was a natural progression to develop an edible biscuit that can hold warm foods.” 

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We really wanted to know what the bowls taste like. Georgina explained, “The bowls have a neutral taste, similar to a whole wheat cracker such as a Provita. They come in two types; one is savoury and very plain, and the other is slightly sweetened for serving puddings and desserts.” 

munch bowls

Of course, not every person will munch on their bowl (and finish it!). The plant-based container can very easily be disposed of with other food waste, and can be added to compost or a worm farm. Compostable, edible packaging is ideal for serving meals at festivals and other outdoor events.

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At the moment, Georgina says that their biggest customers are overseas, “We ship most of our products to Oman, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong, where they are very interested in ways to reduce plastic waste”. The average price of a bowl is around R3 per unit, which is a very small price to pay for eliminating plastic from our city streets. 

munch bowls

If you are interested in trying Munch Bowls in your restaurant, get in touch with Georgina to arrange a few samples. 
Full ingredients and product information can be found on their website.

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