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VIDEO - Swapping plastic for pasta: This SA restaurant chain has a genius solution to #banthestraw

Authentic Italian dining restaurants, Lupa Osteria have embraced the pasta straw.

by: Katy Rose | 29 Jun 2018

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Restaurant guests and shoppers all over the country are beginning to ask themselves, “how can we reduce plastic waste?”. From phasing out plastic shopping bags, to shopping at zero waste stores, South Africans are (hopefully) all becoming aware of our casual approach to single-use plastics. 

The movement against plastic straws, commonly known as #banthestraw, has led restaurants and bars to remove straws altogether. This has left some guests scratching their heads - what do we replace them with? Glass, metal and paper straws are popular alternatives popping up all over South African cities. 

This week Italian restaurant chain, Lupa Osteria have introduced the pasta straw at their locations in Gauteng, KZN and Cape Town. The hard pasta straw is great for cold drinks and cocktails, doesn’t have any unpleasant flavours, and can easily be disposed of with other food waste. 

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