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The most important thing to come from #Budget2019 is this story about mayonnaise

Forget fuel prices and PAYE, what we really care about is fancy mayo tbh

by: Katy Rose | 21 Feb 2019
hellmanns mayonnaise south africa

It seems as if everyone on the internet was trying to capitalise on Finance Minister Tito Mboweni’s speech in parliament this week outlying the highlights of the upcoming financial year. There was talk about income tax and sparkling wine, petrol and cigarettes but what no one was talking about was mayonnaise. Yes, mayonnaise.

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The team behind Hellmann’s Mayonnaise South Africa came out ablazing on Twitter yesterday with a bold campaign declaring that “every time Tito raises prices, we’ll lower the price of ours, so you can still get your hands on a bit of luxury.” Hellmanns says they are #onthesideoffood and frankly, so are we. Here’s what went down on Twitter: 

Celeb Chef Zola Nene got right in on the action because as we know, she is definitely #onthesideoffood

When Tito announced the increase on alcohol, as we sobbed into our hankies, Hellmann’s delivered with their first price cut: 


Inflation went up slightly, and Hellmann’s responded with a 2,5% price punch. Boom! 

Tax brackets remained unchanged, but Hellmann’s was on a roll, and hey, who are we to stop them? (geddit?)

Spend more on petrol with the fuel levy, but not your fave burger sauce: 

So if the dreary news about dark days ahead for the South African economy has got you feeling a bit blue, just know that the blue ribbon of Hellmann’s has got your back. Hellmann's is available countrywide at a RRP of R49.

Disclaimer: Food24 has not received any reimbursements for this article. In the interests of delicious food, we just wanted to spread the news with our readers. 

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