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Your guide to flop-proof baking: Swiss rolls, vanilla cupcakes, chocolate fondant and more classics

It's World Baking Day so it’s a no-brainer that we’ll be baking all the things from cakes, cupcakes and those delicious tea-time sweet treats we all crave.

by: Robyn Brittow | 17 May 2018
baking cake

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Here are our tips and tricks on how to bake that perfectly spiced carrot cake, the ultimate vanilla cupcake, an oh-so-moist chocolate fondant and much more.

Swiss roll

The perfect Sunday tea-time treat. You can never go wrong with a classic cream and caramel combination. Apply these tips on how to achieve the perfect Swiss roll every time!

swiss roll

Carrot Cake

Just the right amount of spice, savoury and sweet, this carrot cake will become your go-to recipe. Ideal for Winter time.

carrot cake

Funfetti Cake

Baking this cake is just as exciting as it sounds. FUNFETTI! Have a go at this rainbow adventure of a cake and surprise your family and friends with the cake's rainbow-sprinkled layers.

funfetti cake

Biscuit cake

Feast your eyes... beautiful biscuit cakes are all the craze right now and these tricks will help you bake the perfect one. Almost too pretty to eat, this cake will be a sure showstopper!

biscuit rolling

Vanilla cupcakes

If there is one thing you should have under your baking belt, it's a perfectly baked vanilla cupcake. The cloud-like sponge and subtle sweetness is everyone’s weakness. The vanilla cupcake is the perfect model to top with any flavour, be it caramel, chocolate or strawberry frosting, you cannot go wrong!



This white chocolate cheesecake has a crunchy base and creamy filling that is a true love-match made in Heaven!


Banana bread

Nothing is worse than a slice of banana bread that is so dry all you can do is reach for that glass of much-needed water. We have great tips and a recipe - so delicious and moist, to save you from your banana bread nightmares.

  Cancel banana bread

Chocolate fondant

It's love at first bite, with this delectable warm chocolate, oozing out of its chocolate sponge-cocoon. Who said chocolate fondants are only made perfectly in restaurants? With this recipe you can enjoy your favourite dessert in the comfort of your own home. 

chocolate fondant


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