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Bet you never knew you could make these 3 things with marshmallow Easter eggs

Kick things up a notch this Easter and try them in these uber decadent recipes!

by: Katelyn Williams | 02 Apr 2018
Easter, Easter recipes, Easter eggs,marshmallows,c

(Image: Unsplash - Alexander Mils)

Easter is my favourite time of year and yes, you guessed it, because it’s the perfect excuse to tuck into as much chocolate as possible. Am I that transparent? Apart from the carby, sticky hot cross buns which I toast and slather with ridiculous amounts of butter, I am also very partial to a couple of marshmallow Easter eggs. A couple, a kilo, who’s counting?!  

While there are many ways to enjoy leftover hot cross buns, no one has yet delved into the ways to enjoy marshmallow Easter eggs! 

Chocolate Marshmallow Easter Egg Fridge Bars

Easter, Easter recipes, Easter eggs,marshmallows,c

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Egg Popcorn

Toasted Marshmallow Easter Egg Ice Cream

Easter, Easter recipes, Easter eggs,marshmallows,c

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