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6 Easy-to-bake bread recipes that will make your kitchen smell like a bakery

Happiness is the smell of freshly-baked bread.

21 May 2018
variety of freshly baked breads

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Yes it’s the aroma we can never get tired of and in honour of World Baking Day, we thought we'd take a look at some of our favourite delicious easy-to-bake breads.

Not too keen on carbs? This low-carb zucchini, chive and Mozzarella nut loaf is perfect for your lunch-time sandwiches or toasted for breakfast with eggs.

freshly baked nut loaf

If you don’t like getting your hands full of dough then you should try baking this pesto soda bread. Lucky for you it requires no kneading and you could also change the entire flavour of the bread by changing the pesto flavour.

freshly baked pesto soda bread

For something super-quick and easy, this biltong bread is the best of both worlds. Make sure to serve it warm, and buttered.

freshly baked round biltong bread

Making bread in a can is actually a thing! Try making your very own mushroom beer bread in a can and wow your family members with your magic.

freshly baked tin bread

Next time you’re hosting a braai, instead of buying tinfoil-wrapped garlic bread, make your own Ukranian garlic bread with this easy recipe.

freshly baked garlic bread glazed with garlic

Hot-cross buns are usually popular around Easter, but this hot-cross bun bread will be welcome in your house all year-round. Serve with whipped butter for the ultimate satisfaction.

freshly baked hot-cross bun bread

Freshly baked bread is everything, let us know which of these you would be baking.


Buttermilk and cheese corn bread

Quick and easy American-inspired bread made from polenta - perfect for breakfast or as a braai side dish.

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