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Secrets to making perfect homemade scones and 6 delicious recipes

We got both savoury and sweet scone options for everyone.

27 Jul 2018
freshly baked scones with cream and jam

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Tea-time requires some freshly baked scones and that’s why we have selected a few of our favourite scone recipes for you to enjoy for breakfast, brunch or over tea time. But first, you need to know how the perfect scone is made. The secret ingredient is sour milk. It's the natural acidity in the sour milk that counteracts the baking powder taste which can often lead to a soapy or “fizzy” taste - which is NOT what you want. Ever.

These amasi and cheese scones are a delicious treat and fit perfectly into your lunchbox.

freshly baked scones for tea time

This next recipe is an entire meal on its own. Baby marrow chilli and cheese scones with whipped goats cheese and apple chutney can be enjoyed as a lunch-time snack.

freshly baked scones for tea time

Make sure you serve these sweet scone biscuits warm, with some butter and cheese to enjoy them at their fullest.

freshly baked scones for tea time

There’s been a great marmite and Bovril debate and it’s safe to say marmite wins. These marmite cheese scones are a great savoury scone choice.

freshly baked scones for tea time

If you can’t have any gluten then these gluten-free buttermilk scones are just what you need. Add some whipped cream and delicious strawberry jam to the mix and you have a winner!

freshly baked gluten free scones

A healthier take on your traditional scone are these wholewheat scones these can be served with basically anything you desire.

freshly baked scones

Let us know which of these scone recipes you prefer!


Ginger scones

A new twist on the tea-time favourite. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Line a baking sheet with baking paper. 1. In a large bowl whisk together the ground almonds, flour, sugar, bicarbonate of soda, baking powder and salt. Use a fork to toss in the grated butter. 2.

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