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6 Soul-soothing desserts to take the Autumn chills away

Sweeten up those cold blues!

by: Jade Lawrence | 02 May 2018
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As the weather begins to change, and our environment gets progressively more cold, its hard not to look out for those comforting dishes that go hand in hand with cozying up. Nothing beats a night in with a hearty meal and a blanket on the couch. 

Desserts are the cherry on top of a good meal, especially when the cold weather kicks in and you need that something sweet to warm you from the inside out!

Try out these recipes to do just that, you will not regret it!

Snuggle underneath your "blanky" with a comforting slice of this easy apple tart.

recipe, apples, tart, sweet, dessert, fruit

2. A South African favourite with a twist - Rooibos Malva pudding, perfect ending for a Sunday lunch.

recipe, puddings, malva pudding, south african, de

3. Make this American Thanksgiving essential in the comfort of your home - Pumpkin pie with candied pumpkin seeds

recipe, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, pie, dessert

4. Its the season for pears and luckily we have a recipe to utilize this curvaceous fruit to warm your belly right up.

recipe, pears, fruit, honey, pecan nuts, tart, des

5. How about some warming brandy to ward off those goosebumps? Sticky brandy puddings, just what you need!

recipe, pudding, brandy, desserts, sweet

6. Freekeh pumpkin coffee cake with walnut streusel - full of warm earthy spices!

recipe, cake, bake, coffee cake, walnuts, pumpkin

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