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5 Whisky-laced recipes you have to try this World Whisky Day

“Never cry over spilt milk, it could have been whisky.” – Pappy Maverick

by: Robyn Brittow | 15 May 2018
whisky cooking

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A single whisky on the rocks or infused in a creamy sweet ganache there’s something for everyone to enjoy this world-class spirit on Whisky day. Celebrate with these 5 amazing recipes.

Whisky and vanilla marmalade 
Enjoying marmalade on freshly toasted bread or used as a homemade glaze, one thing is for sure, this boozy whisky and vanilla marmalade will elevate your marmalade to a whole new level. Try this with some baked Brie cheese or heat some in a pan and brush over a baked ham or gammon.

Whisky and vanilla marmalade

Fillet of beef whiskey stroganoff 
This is not your average beef stroganoff, with the combination of the tender beef fillet in the velvet-textured sauce created by the crème fraiche and whiskey, this recipe uplifts the classical flavour and will have you coming back for seconds. 

whisky beef stragonaff

Whiskey ganache cupcakes
From drink to dessert, forget your liqueurs such as Cointreau and Triple sec when flavouring your cakes and icings, this whisky ganache goes against the norm and we love it! Who says you can’t have your whisky and eat it too? 

whiskey ganache

Berry berry quite the contrary cocktail
We could not celebrate world whisky day without a cocktail that would just be wrong.  
Get your cocktail shaker out and create this berry spin on the versatile spirit.

berry whisky cocktail

Whisky Sour
End off your day with this classic, a drink that has stood almost 2 centuries strong according to The Alcohol Professor.The first recipe for a whisky sour dates back to 1862 and we can see why the drink has stood its ground for almost 200 years. 

Bottoms up!

whisky sour


Where to enjoy a wee dram on World Whisky Day this year

Are you a whisky lover? Or know someone that is? Here's a full list of all the spots that will be putting on something special for World Whisky Day! by: Leah van Deventer | 14 May 2018 (Images: Whisky Lives here) World Whisky Day takes place on the third Saturday in May each year, which means it falls on 19 May in 2018.

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