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5 Ways with grapefruit we bet you've never thought of trying

Not just for retro breakfasts and freshly squeezed juice... grapefruits add so much flavour and pizzazz to everyday dishes.

21 May 2018
holding a grapefuit cut open

Grapefruit is probably one of the most beautiful foods to photograph, with its intense ruby colour and star-like shape. But it's also the most strange in terms of taste - sweet and sour while bitter all at the same time. 

The grapefruit is pretty new to the culinary scene having been only bred in the 18th century. It's actually a cross between a pomelo and an orange. 

What's great about grapefruit is that it's a wonderfully versatile Winter ingredient that can do so much more than inject some Vitamin C into your system. See it elevated in these five delectable recipes... 

1. Ruby grapefruit roast chicken

2. Ruby grapefruit tartlets

grapefruit curd tartlet recipe

3. Grapefruit, fennel and halloumi salad

grapefruit halloumi salad recipe

4. Grapefruit marmalade

grapefruit marmalade

5. Balsamic-seared tuna with orange and grapefruit salad

seared tuna recipe

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