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5 Delicious things to do with that store-bought puff pastry lurking in your freezer

Grab that rolling pin and get ready to make some magic with your puff pastry.

14 Sep 2018
pastry on table

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Have you ever made puff pastry from scratch? If so, you'll know that it's not a quick and fuss-free affair! Which is why we totally don't judge you for using the store-bought variety at home. In fact, it often comes in a rolled up shape which makes it a snug fit for your freezer. 

Note: It's best to defrost it in the fridge a day or two before you need to use it. If you take it out and allow it to soften at room temperature, it will warm up too quickly which can result in too much moisture being released (condensation), causing the pastry to become soggy.

Take a look at these super scrumptious recipes that call for that good 'ol roll of puff... 

1. Bacon-and-egg puff pastry pie - the ultimate brunch dish and one your family will be asking you to make again and again. 

bacon and egg pastry pie

2. Spiced walnut palmiers - these little morsels are 

spiced walnut palmiers recipe

3. Tarts with figs, Gorgonzola and Parma ham - Impress your guests with a little salty sweet combo as a pre-dinner snack. 

fig and blue cheese and parma ham puff pastry pie

4. 3 Ingredient puff pastry S'mores waffles - the ultimate cheat's treat. You simply can't go wrong. 

smores puff pastry waffle recipe

5. Steak and mushroom braai pie - A lekker meaty version of a braai pie that's easier to make than it might look!


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