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These 6 different types of pastry will give you serious baking fever

Buttery layered puff pastry rolls with a Peppermint Crisp filling or lemon meringue éclairs, there are many ways to indulge in all the delicacies known as pastry.

by: Robyn Brittow | 08 Feb 2019

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It its core, pastry is essentially a dough made from fat, flour and water (or egg). It's strange to think that from these few ingredients comes some of the world's most beloved and indulgent foods - pies, croissants, Danishes, eclairs, tarts...the list could go on for days! 

Have a go at these 6 decadent recipes that will fuel your love for pastry even more!

Choux pastry

According to Cooks info, the concept of choux pastry was first invented in 1540 when Catherine de Medici married King Henry ll of France, her chef created a hot, dried out paste which he served with gateaux. 

Having guests over for dinner? Bake these chic lemon meringue eclairs to leave your guests in awe at your pastry-making abilities and art-like decorating. The choux pastry can be made in advance which will save you plenty of time when you need to get dessert to the table.

lemon meringue eclairs

Phyllo pastry

Phyllo pastry, renowned in Greek cuisine, with dishes such as spanakopita and baklava,  was created during the Byzantine time period, says Greek Boston. Today it's used not only in the traditional Greek way but also as the pastry of pies.

For a wonderful comfort food family dinner, make these chicken pot pies with scrunched phyllo pastry tops.

Chicken pot pies with scrunched phyllo pastry tops

Puff pastry

The flaky, soft pastry was invented by Frenchman, Cladius Gele according to Joe Pastry, Gele worked as an apprentice in a bakery. When his father fell sick the diet prescribed to him was nothing but flour, water and butter. Claudius created the recipe for puff pastry in 1645.

A dessert and South African take on puff pastry, Peppermint Crisp caramel pastry rolls is a dessert that will have everyone coming back for seconds.



Is it teatime yet? Whip up these super simple Peppermint Crisp caramel pastry rolls. They taste just like Peppermint Crisp tart - but better! Recipe and Pin:

Samoosa dough

A flavoursome snack filled with deliciousness, the samoosa has travelled far and wide according to The history of the samosa and is now one of the country's favourite Cape Malay and Indian snacks found almost anywhere from ethnic restaurants, train stations and gourmet versions can even be found at food markets. The samoosa was originally from Egypt, made it’s way to central Asia then to India.

Fry these golden triangle pockets for a meatless Monday snack or pack them in for lunch. This vegetable samoosas is the perfect party finger food. 

vegetable samoosas

Shortcrust pastry

A popular choice for making dessert tarts and pies, the shortcrust pastry was invented in Venice and the first recipe was recorded in the 18th century says

Originally used for meaty pies, this flaky pastry received the addition of sugar that was imported from Egypt and the recipe was altered and became a versatile sweet pastry. For a lovely afternoon tea snack this plum and almond tart is a light and fruity dessert that is sure to be a pick-me-up.

plum and almond tart

Sable pastry

Oh that wonderful crunch at the bottom of a creamy cheesecake whether it be spicy ginger or the subtle hint of coconut in a Tennis Biscuit base, this crumbed mixture is a lifesaver for when you’re pinched for time to make pastry dough.

Enjoy a slice of this caramel cheesecake with honeycomb chocolate for a real sweet treat.

caramel cheesecake


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