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Twitter users slam Jamie Oliver and are fed up with his obesity campaign

Jamie Oliver angers parents over his co-signed letter to British Prime Minister for his campaign to end obesity.

by: Robyn Brittow | 26 Apr 2018
Jamie Oliver

(Image: Jamie Oliver Facebook, iStock)


Jamie Oliver appeared on the UK's This Morning show discussing suggestions on how to eliminate obesity through advertising. According to The Telegraph,  1 in 5 British children are obese, as the UK was named the most overweight country in all of Europe.

The Naked Chef host said that advertisers should promote the diet versions and healthier alternatives of their brand instead of solely advertising their sugar-loaded products.

Jamie has been fighting obesity in the country through school eating plans, a national child's measurement program as well as trying to get companies to comply to honest labelling ensuring consumers can make fair informed decisions.

However, his interview on 25 April 2018 has angered parents and resulted in him receiving some strong language tweets. 

Carl Johnson on Twitter

Wish jamie oliver would just fuck off! I'm not a big fan of junk food but I don't want to live in a country where some smug Z-list celeb is dictating what I can & can't eat! Get on with being a parttime chef & your own healthy life & leave us 2 make our own choices!!

Jeremy Skyrme on Twitter

I think I'd rather my kid be obese than be an interfering fat tongued mockney cunt like Jamie Oliver, personally. You can lose weight. You can't spontaneously become a likeable person. #ThisMorning

Baroness Beckie on Twitter

Oh no, I missed Jamie Oliver's latest lecture. The sanctimonious git #ThisMorning

Talk about a tough crowd!

Watch the interview here.

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