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One of the most delicious things I ate in December was surprisingly from Starbucks

Food editor, Tessa Purdon found something to write home about after her recent trip to the USA, and it's not what you would expect.

by: Tessa Purdon | 17 Jan 2019
eggs in a carton

image: Upsplash

I've just spent two and a half weeks in Southern California visiting my little brother who works in San Diego as an independent rugby skills coach. For those who don't know, the city of San Diego sits quite literally on the border of Mexico (we were going to take a look at 'the wall' on one of the days I was there but time ran out). I did, however, eat my bodyweight in tacos and tortilla chips and also happened to stumble on a rather delicious breakfast morsel from Starbucks - one of the most unlikely of places, I know!

My brother introduced me to their sous vide egg bites halfway through the trip and I only wish I'd known about them earlier. Essentially, they are small mini muffin sized morsels with the texture of a fluffy and light souffle, and the most enticing, rich cheesiness. They come in three or four different flavour options but the Gruyere and applewood bacon ones are the best (because, bacon). 

starbucks egg bites

I loved them so much that I decided I needed to know the exact ingredients - and after a quick Google search, my heart nearly dropped when I saw how processed they are... powdered cellulose? Diglycerides? Locust bean gum? Eek. I guess I was pretty naive to think that a brand with a store on every street corner of America would have anything non-processed. The strange thing is, I'd still order them  - they're that delicious! It's probably a good thing you don't get them in SA, and never will - now that Starbucks (with currently 12 cafes across Joburg, Durban and Pretoria) has halted plans to expand.

So til next time, Egg Bites! X

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