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Are these classic foods making a comeback? Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un enjoyed a rather retro lunch after their summit meeting

Classic prawn cocktail with avocado salad and dark chocolate ganache tartlets were on the menu deemed "very 1950's" at Trump and Kim's meeting yesterday.

by: Robyn Brittow | 13 Jun 2018
retro foods

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The lunch meeting was held at the Capella Hotel in Singapore on 12th June 2018 where the two leaders enjoyed a menu consisting of Asian and French inspired dishes that are considered to be quite old school.

The menu offered classic starters featuring prawn cocktail, mango karebu, a Malaysian dish served with blue rice and octopus and traditional Korean “Oiseon” which is typically cucumber or zucchini that is quartered, steamed then stuffed with meat.

The main course featured classics with worldwide influences such as Dauphinoise - a French dish consisting of sliced potatoes baked in milk and cream, laced with a golden cheese crust and Chinese Yangzhou fried rice.

The dessert selection was decadent dark chocolate ganache tartlets, vanilla ice cream from the popular ice cream brand HäagenDazs and they concluded the meeting with Tropézienne, a French pastry that was created in 1955 according to Bruno Albouze, which is a cream-filled brioche.

Are these classic foods making a come back? Try our retro Trump and Kim inspired menu. 

Prawn cocktail with avocado lime and dill

prawn cocktail

Stuffed courgette boats

courgette boats

Octopus potato salad


Pork fried rice

fried rice

Beef short rib with butternut mash

beef short rib

Dark chocolate ganache tart

chocolate cheese dark chocolate

Vanilla ice cream and a strawberry coulis

vanilla ice cream berry coulis

Classic paris-brest with chocolate filling



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