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Ruby: a new kind of chocolate has been discovered - here's where to find it in SA

Ruby chocolate - the biggest thing in the chocolate industry in 80 years comes to South Africa.

by: Katy Rose | 08 Sep 2018
ruby chocolate south africa

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The chocolate world was all abuzz last year, when Belgian chocolate manufacturers Callebaut announced an entirely new kind of chocolate - the naturally flavoured and coloured light pink chocolate. “After dark, milk and white, ruby is the most extraordinary chocolate discovery in 80 years”, a Callebaut spokesperson said at the time.

ruby chocolate

The lush pink chocolate with a light berry flavour was developed after years of research. Callebaut said, “Through our direct collaboration with the Jacobs University in Bremen (Germany), we slowly but surely unravelled the secrets behind (the ruby chocolate). Only expert selection and meticulous processing of the ruby beans yield ruby RB1 chocolate – without adding any colourants or fruit flavourings.” 

Callebaut brought on board some of the world's leading chocolatiers to develop a product that both chefs and chocolate lovers could enjoy. Chocolatiers David Maenhout
and Marijn Coertjens tested the raw product tirelessly, yielding “a ruby chocolate with a sparkling fresh colour and intense fruity taste, suited primarily for confectionery applications.” 


Ruby Chocolate was unveiled in South Africa last week. Ruby chocolate is available at My Sugar of Cape Town and Chocoloza of Johannesburg. Their chefs have been working through the night with the new stock of ruby chocolate, tested and melting it into new creations, ready for you to take home with you. 

Kayla Greenberg, co-owner and chocolatier at My Sugar told us, “I was so excited I couldn’t sleep last night! Our team has been working very hard, and I’m so proud to share the most gorgeous pink treats with our fan!”

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