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Add Milo to everything this year: Your favourite malty drink is sky-rocketing to hero status

See how the popularity of Milo is gaining serious traction around the world.

by: Katy Rose | 11 May 2018
milo trend 2018 es kapal

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Double chocolate Milo cookies

Milo is a favourite among South African adults and children alike, especially in the Winter months. We look ahead to see the food trends we can expect to hit SA this coming Summer - Milo in everything!

Despite its origins as a milk-based beverage, Milo has proven to be tremendously versatile. Appearing in all forms, shapes and guises - from breakfast cereal to chewy sweets. Fans are putting the powder on, and in, almost every conceivable food and beverage! 

Take a look at the increase in Google searches... 

Milo set to take over all desserts, everywhere

Singapore is the world’s largest consumer of Milo. Young children often flock to the ‘Milo van’ after school, serving chilled drinks similar to an ice cream truck. This year has seen Milo become a massive trend in Southeast Asian desserts with the invention of the “es kepal Milo”or shaved ice served with a Milo based sauce and crunchy chocolate toppings.

Recipe controversy
Many travelers have been to dismayed to find that Milo in different countries is not the same as the drink they love at home. Nestle has modified the recipe to suit the palates of different markets of consumers, with the internet buzzing with debateabout Jamaican Milo versus Indonesian Milo. Some countries prefer a sweeter recipe, while different climates determine if the ingredients are better suited to warm drinks or cold drinks. 

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History of Milo
The powdered drink was originally created in Australia in the mid 1930s  as an energy food for athletes, packed with what was then, the new discovery of things called vitamins. Called a ‘tonic drink’, it was a dried powdered form of malted barley, cocoa, sugars and milk solid. It is manufactured by the Nestle company in Australia, Jamaica, Indonesia and India and distributed to almost all commonwealth countries around the world.

milo trend 2018 es kapal

Expect to see more of our favourite chocolatey powder in recipes, drinks and (yay!) desserts this coming summer. 

TRY THIS: Milo cake with condensed milk icing

milo cake with condensed milk icing

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