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Sad news for chocolate lovers: Cadbury hot chocolate discontinued in SA

by: Lauren Josephs | 16 May 2019
cadbury hot chocolate to be discontinued

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Winter’s fast approaching and nothing says comfort better than a piping mug of your favourite hot chocolate, but if that favourite hot chocolate happens to be covered in purple wrapping, we’ve got bad news for you: Cadbury hot chocolate has been discontinued nationwide. 

After two weeks of waiting for a response to an email enquiry, a successful phone call to the Mondelez consumer service department revealed that management in South Africa has decided to discontinue the delicious chocolate beverage. This was due to its year-on-year decline in sales and it no longer being “popular” enough among South African residents. 

The international call centre agent we spoke to was apologetic, but ultimately didn’t seem to understand the love Cadbury supporters have for the jar of powdery chocolate goodness. “I’m sure you will be able to find a similar alternative to the brand in your country,” she recommended. Her only other suggestion? That we import it from countries that do still stock it. 

While Cadbury’s UK website features a range of hot chocolate options available for between £1.50 (approximately R27.64) and £3.00 (approximately R55.29), South Africa isn’t on the list of countries to which they deliver.

You could order via Amazon, where you can get your money’s worth by ordering 1000g for around $32.95, or approximately R466.75. (There’s also a Bournville version we’re intrigued to try.

cadbury hot chocolate

Cadbury’s first branch opened in Port Elizabeth in 1930 and it’s been SA’s much-beloved chocolate brand ever since, bringing us childhood favourites like Chomp and Lunch Bar and introducing new favourites like 5 Star and (the harder-to-find) rum and raisin slabs. 

Cadbury South Africa responded to us on Twitter today, to confirm the sad news:

Are you just as upset at your favourite hot chocolate permanently disappearing off the shelves? Contact Mondelez consumer services at 0800 11 4449, or pop them an email at Is Cadbury not your hot chocolate of choice? Let us know which is better!

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