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Your next cup of coffee might just come from space but at a hefty price

by: Robyn Brittow | 05 Feb 2019
Your next cup of coffee might just come from space

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With coffee consumption being at an all time high, it's no surprise that companies are looking for new ways to improve the beloved beverage - from the way coffee beans are roasted to how your favourite drink is served at your local coffee shop. 

Space roasters, the inventors of the first ever space roasting capsule has created a machine designed to roast coffee beans in zero gravity. The founders of the company combined their passions for space and engineering with their love for coffee and are set to have a test launch later this year that will see their idea come to life.

According to the Space journal, Room, “if gravity is removed the beans float around in a heated oven, giving them 360 degrees of evenly distributed heat and roasting to near perfection. reports that a price per cup of coffee would be $500 equating to R6695, just to cover the $6 million price it would cost per launch.

With an aim to connect people to space and technology using coffee, the co-founders state on their website that they want to prove how space and science are bringing people together.

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