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7 Things you probably never thought of doing with Rooibos

Our proudly South African herbal tea is so versatile - the uses are practically endless!

30 May 2018
rooibos tea

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South Africa’s favourite Rooibos tea has a starring role in Marvel comic strip

It's no real surprise that Rooibos - with its healthy dose of antioxidants and super special taste, is wowing tea drinkers the world over.  We love using Rooibos in recipes and thought we were true fans until we met Chef Morne Botha of Radisson Red Cape Town. Wow - he just takes it to another level.

Morne grew up in Potchefstroom in the North West, where he drew food inspiration from his mother and grandmother who propelled his love for all things food and delicious.

chef morne botha

We asked him if he'd kindly share some interesting and somewhat out of the ordinary Rooibos-infused ideas with you... 

1. Nothing beats a mug of warm and strong Rooibos tea.  It really is just a true recharge on any day.  Add a real Cape Malay style koesister to this mix, and voila! True nirvana. 

2. I sometimes make a scone-style pastry with Rooibos tea and use that to make a crust for chicken and leek pie. 

3. We make our own Kombucha at home with Rooibos, sultanas and a bit of honey.  Very refreshing. 

4. By chance I one day made a tea-ramisu with Rooibos. Yes, I turned the classic Italian dessert on its head and used Rooibos and not coffee. A WINNER!

5. Now in Winter time (actually any time of the year) when a Malva pudding is made, make the sauce that is poured over that delicious hot bake with Rooibos tea. Nothing beats it.

6. One of my most favourite things in the world is oxtail. Cooked low and slow and VERY VERY long, and yes its cooked with Rooibos.  It really adds something to this that I can't explain. 

7. Also, a true delight is using the Rooibos stalks blended with butter and a bit of garlic and parsley, and then either a snoek on the fire or on those days that money is no worry, use this Rooibos butter as a basting/glaze on a fire-grilled crayfish. 

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