8 Brilliant budget-friendly recipes for the week before Pay Day

Potato and onion frittata, beef stir-fry, Sloppy Joe's and more!

by: Tessa Purdon | 20 Jan 2017

We all know that the week before Pay Day in January feels longer than the quest to find a parking spot in a mall two days before Christmas, and it’s often tricky trying to make food ends meet if you've over-splurged in December.

I’ve found though, that some people actually get a thrill out of it – my brother told me once he tried to see how long he could survive on just apples in an attempt to save money. If you ask me that’s a bit extreme but each to their own I guess. One thing is for certain though, entertaining is not on the cards for the week leading up to a January Pay Day.

To make the next couple of days a bit easier on the pocket, we’ve selected a few tasty recipes that will keep both your tummy and bank account happy!

1. Potato and onion frittata

5. Budget chocolate mousse

6. Sloppy Joe's

7. Chicken and spinach pasta

8. Vegetarian lasagne

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