5 scrumptious dishes that you can make with your favourite beer

Beer isn't only for drinking!

06 Jul 2016

Living in South Africa, beer is a prerequisite at any social gathering - we do love our beer! The last couple of years has seen a surge in the beer market as more and more craft beers have entered, bringing with it more interest and more variety and flavour for us beer drinkers.

Beer goes well with just about any food, and it's also a great addition to food itself, providing a wonderfully hoppy, malty flavour and adding aerated bubbles due to the yeast. If you're not convinced about beer then read these fun beer facts.

Since it's a great time for sport right now, and since beer and sport go hand-in-hand, why not try using beer in the following recipes. Perhaps use a different variety of beer to give the dish a unique flavour, or try the new Striped Horse Pale Ale.

And whatever you do, make sure you save some beer to drink!

1. Beer-marinated chicken thighs

beer , recipes,round-up

2. Ostrich burger on a sweet potato bun

beer , recipes,round-up

3. Curry and beer-battered fish tacos

beer , recipes,round-up

4. Beer-battered fish and chips

beer , recipes,round-up

5. Mushroom and beer bread in a can



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