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5 Great reasons to check out the new Mojo Market in Sea Point

If you haven't been to the brand new Mojo Market yet, then allow Relax with Dax tell you what you're missing out on...

by: Dax Villanueva | 06 Jun 2017

It used to be a Kauai. That corner of Sea Point Regent Road, opposite Bootleggers. There was also a Post Office and a Cash Crusaders, and more. But that’s all history. Most of that block is now the most exciting recent addition to Sea Point, the Mojo Market.

The 2,000 square metre space houses over 80 stalls including food, retail and fashion. There’s something for everyone. It’s not pitched as a farmer’s market, but you will be able to pick up goodies for your pantry like bread, fresh veggies, meat and more.

Most Capetonians roll their eyes if you mention a new market, there are so many already. But the Mojo markets seems to have convinced even the most jaded of us that it’s a good addition to Sea Point. If you pop into the market any time, day or night, you will find it buzzing with people who are there for many different things. Some have come to eat, others to grab drink and catch up with a friend, some are browsing the shops and others might be having a business meeting in one of the booths.

There are many reasons to visit the Mojo Market in Sea Point, but we’ve put together the 5 best reasons why you should get yourself there, ASAP.

1. It's an upmarket market
Markets tend to be quite casual. It’s probably related to the fact that they often only happen once a week and then everything has to be packed up again. The Mojo Market is a permanent market which means the stands are permanent structures and there are proper tables and chairs to sit at. In fact, the market looks very ‘upmarket’. Mojo Market has borrowed from some of the Art Deco elements of Sea Point’s architecture while also drawing in contemporary metallics and natural wood against the market’s open industrial background. No hay bales here!

2. Hours
What really separates the Mojo Market from most other markets is that it is open 7 days a week from morning until night. It opens at 9am and closes at 10pm. Some stalls may not be open at all times and early-bird traders are open earlier for breakfast. This means you can go when it suits you. Pop in for breakfast or just grab a coffee on the way to work. Maybe meet a friend for lunch or sip a beer with a colleague after work. Then bring the family for dinner at this kid-friendly space.

3. Unusual food options
Many markets have the same foods available, if not the exact same stands as other markets. Mojo has gone to a lot of effort to curate a selection of mostly new food stands. Whether you feel like a snack (how about freshly-prepared dim sum?) or a more substantial meal (maybe hand-made tacos?), you’ll have a lot of options from which to choose.

See our article on best food options at the Mojo Market.

4. Non-food stores
There is a great selection of food stores for eating on-site and for taking home, but there is also a range of fashion and retail stores. Just as the food stalls have been carefully curated, the retail space focuses largely on local and international producers who are creating fresh, contemporary wares from clothing to gifts, jewellery and homeware. Perfect place to pick up that list-minute gift!

5. Vibe
The Mojo market has quite a buzz throughout the day, but it really gets going in the evening. There is a large amount of comfortable seating on 2 levels, situated in easy access of the central bar. This space almost feels like the pulse of Sea Point. And on some evenings there is live music which takes it to the next level. Enjoy an evening at the market with friends or even go on your own as you’re bound to bump into a bunch of people you know.

Bonus: The view
Even though the market is on Regent Road, it has a view of the ocean from the seating area. So if you’re there during the day, make sure you grab a seat near the windows and enjoy the sun glistening off the ocean.

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