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Midweek recipe ideas for low carb cooks - 14 December 2016

Get ready for veggie falafels, tasty Tiramisu and more!

13 Dec 2016

Wake up to a refreshing and ultra creamy smoothie made with berries and avocado. Not only will it fuel you up, the avo will ensure you're kept full for hours afterwards!

Nibble on some homemade chocolate bombs - finished off with pecan nuts. They'll curb any craving for sugar-laden chocolate in no time!

Have you tried making falafel with veggies? Give this broccoli and cauliflower version (instead of the classic chickpeas) a go. They are delicious served with a lemony yoghurt dipping sauce. Yum. Tip: You could also serve these as a vegetarian or low carb canapé option on your festive snack platter.

Who can say no to Tiramisu? Italy's most delectable dessert. It's simple and can be made in advance - which is always a bonus when you've got a million other things to cook/do. 

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