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PARTNER CONTENT: Quick and easy entertaining at home with the Angostura® Rock Shandy

A very merry quick fix!

20 Nov 2019

Angostura® aromatic bitters is like a magic potion – both behind the home bar and in the kitchen. So, when you’re entertaining at home this holiday season, make sure you use bitters to add more depth and complexity to your drinks and dishes.


Start your guests off with the ultimate summer refreshment, exclusive to South Africa. The Angostura® Rock Shandy is a three-ingredient cocktail that can be made in mere minutes:Build half a can of soda water and half a can of lemonade over ice, top with 4 to 6 dashes of Angostura® aromatic bitters, stir, garnish with a lemon or lime wedge and serve.


A little goes a long way when you’re dashing at dinner:

· Marinate meats: Add one tablespoon of bitters per cup of marinade, or to taste.

· Spice up sauces: Add a few dashes to your sauces and dips for that something extra.

· Surprise salad dressings: Add a few dashes to salad dressings; it’s particularly great in vinaigrettes.

· Caramelise onions: Fry your onions and add a few dashes of bitters at the end to caramelise.

· Coat crunchies: Add a few dashes of bitters to melted butter and pour over snacks such as nuts, pretzels and crunch mix.

· Powder popcorn: Flavour with Angostura dust.


· Lace your ice cream: Add around two teaspoons of bitters to your chocolate sauce and pour generously over vanilla ice cream.

· Coffee and biscuits: Add one tablespoon of bitters to the liquid ingredients of your biscuit mix when baking. Pair it with bittered coffee – just add a few dashes to the mug.

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