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Brunch at Bombay Blu: No average eating at this hidden Durban favourite

Cooling off on a picture-perfect Durban day begins at Bombay Blu.

by: Catherine Cassells | 24 Nov 2017

Masala is magical

Ask a Durbanite where to go for a great curry and you’ll be inundated with a multitude of options, ranging from epic to excellent. The real fans of flavour, however, know that the curry spots that don’t make a big noise are the ones you need to visit. They’re the holes in the wall, where real love is poured into the puri, and family recipes come to the fore. That’s right – you can ignore the top-ten lists you’ll find online. Bombay Blu is where Durban’s curry lifestyle begins to shine.

Sneaky lunch dates from Tuesday. It was a flipping beautiful #Durban day

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Unassumingly excellent 

Tucked into the corner of a small shopping centre in Durban North, Bombay Blu presents itself in an unassuming manner, but the flavour adventures within it are anything but. At Bombay Blu, attention to detail is everything. The secret to your great lunch lives on the menu.

Starters sublime

The menu is quite diverse, so if you’re battling to settle on something to eat, ask for some advice. The restaurant’s devotion to making your meal incredible shines from your starters, and continues throughout. While Bombay Blu specialises in indulgent, flavour-filled Indian cuisine, the menu includes a special section devoted to Indian Chinese cuisine too. Paneer Schezwan is not a regular menu item at Durban curry houses and yet, here it is.  Vegans and vegetarians fear not – your preferences are easily catered for.

I can't even remember what these are called, but I would hella have them again.

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Authentic attention

Take a little time to roll over the menu options, and don’t worry about the wait. Service is quick, the team informative and ever so happy to advise on options and parings that will best suit your palate. Don’t expect a conveyor-belt curry – these meals are made with love, and packaged to perfection. Generous portion sizes mean you’ll be leaving with leftovers, so order extra Naan for later. Bombay Blu’s Naan is crispy, yet soft in all the right places.

No average eating

Bombay Blu’s curries are warm with flavour and a joy to behold. It feels almost sinful to devour them, but then brunch is what Bombay Blu is all about. Bombay Blu opens at 11:00 and closes at 21:30 every day.

Had lunch with my husband today. Twas a good day.

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Bombay Blu | 62A Astra Shopping Centre, Swapo Road, Durban North | 031 564 7914

Step out of your comfort zone and discover the delicious delicacies, while enjoying a Heineken, that Durban has to offer #OpenYourCity.


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