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WATCH: No more mess - this genius invention will catch ice cream melting from your cone

The entrepreneurial dream of two teenage boys has finally become a reality! Read this.

25 Oct 2018
ice cream

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How many times have you eaten an ice cream cone - only to end up with half of said ice cream dripping down your elbows? A sticky, sweet mess is what you're headed for if you can't eat the ice cream fast enough! 

That is all about to change though - because a pair of clever American teens has solved our problems! Enter: the "Drip Drop", a ring-shaped piece of cooked sugar cone batter, that literally catches the melted ice cream as it falls from the cone. And yes, it's edible! 

Friends Oliver Greenwald and Sam Nassif began designing the product 7 years ago and have worked alongside a pastry chef to get the mould for the Drip Drop just right.  They even took the design to Shark Tank - a popular US reality show where aspiring entrepreneurs get to showcase their ideas. 

Take a look!

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